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Dealers at every level have felt the squeeze of the economy so as a solution, RSD has created opportunity specifically for you, the boutique dealer, We are offering you, a prime opportunity to become a factory-authorized dealer of some of the world’s most exclusive and exotic automotive brands.

The surprising part is that you are not required to stock expensive cars. You will now: a be able to offer them directly for sale; be entitled to the same rebates and discounts as any other dealer; have the option to stock demos; be permitted to display your factory-authorized dealer status on your paperwork and on your building; be listed by the manufacturers as their dealer; and have full factory support and training (training applies when product is delivered)

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a factory-authorized new-car dealer of some of the world’s most prestigious automobiles:
  • Registration with your state as a new car dealer.
  • Increases public credibility and promotes local trust.
  • Attract additional sales due to improved public perception.
  • Open new doors for credit lines: Banks have a different approach to handling new-car dealers.
  • The opportunity to increase profit by offering our signed line of elite super-cars without the necessity for inventory.
  • Add prestige to your dealership without excessive expense.

Your only cost is an initial fee , followed by an annual subscription after your first year. All annual state fees and paperwork taken care of by us. You only need to complete your own state’s requirements for a new-car dealer (including any bond requirements). Please speak with one of our advisers who will outline our pricing policy.

No Inventory Needed
Zenvo, Wiesmann, Tramontana, Gumpert, Dartz, Valkry

Zenvo, Wiesmann, Tramontana, Gumpert, Dartz, Valkry