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How will the vehicles be recognized nationally?

— We will have all cars listed in the Kelly Blue Book.
— We also offer lease programs on all our vehicles for all signed dealers

What advertising and promotion will the company provide?

— National advertising which will list all dealers.
— Trade and Auto Shows such as Pebble beach, Detroit, Chicago, etc.
— Your success will also depend upon your own efforts to promote your dealership’s offerings.

What is the availability on the vehicles?

— Availability is completely contingent upon manufacturers’ production time-frames.

Are there any restrictions on sell areas?

— No restrictions on sell areas.

Can we lose the right to sell?

— You cannot lose the right to sell unless there is a breach of terms, missed annual subscription, or any activity we may deem harmful or degrading to the brands and our program.

What support will be offered?

— Factory support, factory warranties, and in-house training for warranty and service is available for those dealers who purchase demo cars.

No Inventory Needed
Zenvo, Wiesmann, Tramontana, Gumpert, Dartz, Valkry

Zenvo, Wiesmann, Tramontana, Gumpert, Dartz, Valkry